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LDSAFA at RootsTech 2018    

     LDSAFA will participate in RootsTech 2018, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 28 – March 3, 2018.  At this conference LDSAFA will sponsor a booth where free patron information will be distributed about LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs).
     Also during RootsTech 2018, LDSAFA officials and members will provide a presentation entitled Family Organizations in the Digital Age.  More information about how, when and where this presentation will be given will be forthcoming.

LDSAFA Publications available at RootsTech 2018
General Information on LDS Ancestral Families Association
How to Start and Sustain LDS Ancestral Family Organizations

List of LDS Ancestral Family Organizations

LDSAFA Sponsoring Members at RootsTech 2018
Braithwaite Family Organization
Brough Family Organization

Samuel Clark Family Organization
Osmond Family Organization

John H. Redd Family Organization