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World Family History Day

LDSAFA suggests the observance of a World Family History Day

     In January 2017 the Executive Officers of LDSAFA suggested that a World Family History Day (WFHD) be observed and celebrated worldwide.  This day could be observed every May 15th -- which is the same day the United Nations observes the International Day of Families.
     World Family History Day (WFHD) could be celebrated by genealogical companies offering discounted or free limited-time access to their databases and products, by family history centers and societies releasing more historical materials online, and by family organizations encouraging their members to take time that day to discover and post new information about their ancestors and deceased relatives.      

     Today millions of people worldwide research and share their family history.  Discovering family connections and history brings meaning and understanding into people’s lives.  As stated in 1966 by the Genealogical Society of Utah: “In discovering ancestors, individuals seem to discover themselves and are better able to define their own goals and know what they want and expect out of life.”
     Suggestions on how family organizations can celebrate WFHD include: 1) holding an indexing challenge between individuals or family organizations; 2) using the Billiongraves app to photograph and upload photos of headstones in cemeteries not yet documented; 3) scanning and digitizing old family photos and documents and uploading them to a public database (such as FamilySearch); 4) starting a history about a parent, grandparent or ancestor; 5) organizing a volunteer effort at a local courthouse to index or digitize appropriate stored records; 6) holding a fund raising activity and donating proceeds to a family organization for research purposes; 7) holding a worldwide video conference where selected individuals share a story about an ancestor or an interesting event in an ancestor's life.

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