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     LDS Ancestral Families Association (LDSAFA) is a free registration, publication and support consortium for LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs).  An Ancestral Family Organization (AFO) is larger than a parent or grandparent family and includes the descendants of a common ancestral couple. LDSAFA encourages the continuation of LDS AFOs through freely registering, publicizing and supporting their genealogical and historical activities.  In fact LDSAFA can be considered a free "one-stop-shop" for locating links and information about LDS AFOs.

     There are no costs for LDS AFOs to register and participate in LDSAFA, and all LDSAFA members are entitled to use the LDSAFA Member Seal and receive free listing, publicity and news reports on matters pertaining to LDS AFOs.   LDSAFA identifies resources, practices and activities that various LDS AFOs have found meaningful and successful for family members through the years, including information and links on family history videos, incorporation examples, pioneer memorials, publicity methods, publishing endeavors, research activities, family reunions and suggestions and best practices for AFOs.

Importance of Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs)

     Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs) are often able to accomplish much more than individual families or grandparent family associations. Because of their extensive membership and databases, AFOs are often able to locate and obtain genealogical and historical information much faster and cheaper than individual families or grandparent associations. Also, because of their broad membership and extensive number of contributors, AFOs can usually afford and support extensive research by experienced or professional genealogists much easier and for longer durations than smaller family associations.

Importance of Family Organizations

     In 1966 the Genealogical Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon) published the following statements about "Family Organizations"--which are as applicable today as they were decades ago:
     "The genealogical family organization has as its major goal the compiling and recording of genealogical and historical information pertaining to the common ancestors of its members. Cooperation in genealogical research through the family organization is one of the most successful means of extending and proving pedigrees and compiling family genealogies. The family organization promotes coordination of research among individuals researching the same family lines, affords opportunities for specialization in research, pools time and money resources, channels wise use of resources, and fosters fellowship and understanding among its members.
"Throughout the world, people are increasingly becoming interested in finding out more about their families. Individuals want to know about the lives of ancestors--their occupations, accomplishments, what their names were, and where they lived. In discovering ancestors, individuals seem to discover themselves and are better able to define their own goals and know what they want and expect out of life. Frequent association with other family members in family organizations, through both personal contact and through correspondence, brings on definite feelings of concern for the family and a greater appreciation of family ties. By working in family organizations, people become 'family oriented' and feel they are a part of a big family operation." (Genealogical Instruction Manual, Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1966, page C-1).

How to Start and Sustain LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (2017 LDSAFA article)

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