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Member Organizations

     LDS Ancestral Families Association (LDSAFA) is a free registration, publication and support consortium for LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs).  (An Ancestral Family Organization is larger than a parent or grandparent family and includes the descendants of a common ancestral couple.)  There are no costs for LDS AFOs to register and participate in LDSAFA, and all LDSAFA members are entitled to use the LDSAFA Member Seal (shown below) and receive free listing, publicity and news reports on matters pertaining to LDS AFOs.

     LDSAFA was established in September 2016. Since that time the following LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs) have freely registered with LDSAFA.

LDSAFA Members

Belnap Family Organization
Bluth Family Association
Family Organization
Brough Family Organization
Cazier Family Organization
Ezra Thompson Clark Family Organization
Samuel Clark Family Organization
Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization
Winslow Farr, Sr. Organization
Gardner Brooks Family Organization
Hale Family Organization
Benjamin Franklin Johnson Family Organization
Joel Hills Johnson Family Organization
Joseph Knight Sr. and Polly Knight Family Organization
Western Association of Leavitt Families
John D. Lee Family Association
Nichols and Booth Family Organization
Osmond Family Organization
John Pack Family Association
Jared Pratt Family Association
John Hardison Redd and Elizabeth Hancock Family Organization
Joseph Smith, Jr. and Emma Hale Historical Society (Facebook)
Abraham Owen Smoot Family Organization
Jacob Strong Family Organization
George Washington Taggart Family Organization
Joseph Taylor, Sr. Family Association
Thomas Tolman Family Organization

(LDSAFA Members: 27 organizations)

Potential LDSAFA Members

     The following family organizations have connections to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons). These family organizations appear to be functioning--with an active website, contact name, email or physical address and/or recent government filing--and may qualify as LDS Ancestral Family Organizations (AFOs). They are listed below as “Potential LDSAFA Members” because they have not yet freely registered with LDSAFA.

Allred (Rocky Mtn.) Family Organization
Milo Andrus Family Organization
Israel Barlow Family Association
Orson Pratt Brown Family
Anson Bowen Call Family (Facebook)
George Q. Cannon Family Association
Dastrup Family Organization
Major Howard Egan Family Foundation
Bishop David Evans Family Association
Peter Fullmer Family Organization
Henry Grow Family Association
Ephraim Knowlton Hanks Family
Nathan Harris and Rhoda Lapham Family
Hatch Family Association
John and Jane Hayes Family Organization (Facebook)
Martin Heiner Family Organization
Henry Hendricks Family Organization
Abraham Heslington Family Organization
Jackson and Flint Family Foundation
George Jarvis and Ann Prior Family Association
Heber C. Kimball Family Association (Facebook)
John Marriott Historical Society
Hugh McKenna Family
John Morse Family Organization (Facebook)
Joseph Stacy Murdock Family Organization
Alexander Neibaur Family Organization
Francis Martin Pomeroy Family Organization (Facebook)
Sanford Porter Family Organization
Charles C. Rich Family Association
Justus Azel Seelye Family Organization
Hyrum Smith Family Association
Jesse N. Smith Heritage Foundation
Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Family Association
Joseph F. Smith Family Association
Sorensen Family History Organization
John Martin Steiner and Anna Barbara Schmied Family Organization
Joseph Stout Family Organization
Theodore Turley Family Organization
Workman Family Organization

(Potential LDSAFA Members: 39 organizations)

     LDS ancestral family organizations are also listed on Wikipedia and FamilySearch Wiki.

LDSAFA Executive Officers, 2016-2021

     LDSAFA has volunteer Executive Officers who serve for five years. All major LDSAFA operational decisions are subject to the majority approval of these officers.

The current volunteer LDSAFA Executive Officers are:

R. Shane Brough, LDSAFA President, Brough Family Organization
Richard E. Braegger, LDSAFA Vice-President, Braithwaite Family Organization
R. Clayton Brough, LDSAFA Secretary, Brough Family Organization
Brent J. Belnap, LDSAFA Ambassador, Belnap Family Organization
Ronald R. Haskell, LDSAFA Ambassador, Braithwaite Family Organization
Teresa D. Hunter, LDSAFA Ambassador, Braithwaite Family Organization
Alan R. Osmond, LDSAFA Ambassador, Osmond Family Organization
Kathleen P. Skinner, LDSAFA Ambassador, John Pack Family Association

LDSAFA Business and Financial Information

     LDSAFA is an all-volunteer consortium of LDS ancestral family organizations. To minimize expenses and avoid unnecessary layers of administration LDSAFA is registered as a DBA in the State of Utah.
     The minimal operating expenses of LDSAFA are covered by contributions from its member organizations and other interested entities and supportive individuals.
     LDSAFA welcomes financial donations to its activities and projects. Please send contributions by check to: LDSAFA, 8066 South Harley Cove, West Jordan, Utah, 84081.

Email inquiries about LDSAFA to: